Alonia Guest House

...the beauty of simplicity


Alonia have 7 indepedent (twin bed and three bed) rooms. The decoration is simple with handcrafted furniture made with wood taken from the nearby forest. During winter time we make sure that there is always firewood outside your doorstep to use for the stoves which are the only heating system. With no extra comforts the rooms in Alonia are addressed to those guests who wish to enjoy the beauty of simplicity and get in tune with the mountains and the unspoiled nature.

Cafe – Restaurant

In the old common room you can find our small restaurant which is mainly for the guests of Alonia. In our restaurant we serve breakfast and dinner. During daytime we serve coffee, soft drinks and snacks.


The price per room is 40€ per night.
There will be a 10% discount on the total price for a stay of more than 3 nights.