The beauty of simplicity

Discover a hidden paradise!

For more than a hundred years our ancestral home has been standing in the old neighborhood of Alonia, at the south side of Agios Ioannis. In 1990 it was turned into a mountain hostel offering bed and breakfast to all the hikers who wished to conquer the highest summits of the White Mountains. With time “Alonia” grew and expanded to a friendly Guest house, still keeping intact the same philosophy and atmosphere: a shelter where the main issue is hiking all year long.

Alonia Guest house

Where the road ends…

Alonia have 7 indepedent (twin bed and three bed) rooms. The decoration is simple with handcrafted furniture made with wood taken from the nearby forest. During winter time we make sure that there is always firewood outside your doorstep to use for the stoves which are the only heating system. With no extra comforts the rooms in Alonia are addressed to those guests who wish to enjoy the beauty of simplicity and get in tune with the mountains and the unspoiled nature.

The White Mountains

…the trail begins!

The White Mountains, as a whole, are a paradise of unique natural beauty with an amazing variety of alternating images. From beautiful beaches to cliffs and deep gorges, forests with hundred year old trees, only to end to an outwordly alpine scenery where you can see countless high peaks with no vegetation. A stoney, mysterious world which may appear deserted but is home to many kinds of endemic flora and fauna.